An Invitation to the Humanity First Movement’s SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE | 10/11 @ 5:30 pm PT

Hello from the Humanity First Movement! :grinning: :v:

You are ALL invited to join HFM on 10/11 for a Unity 2020 After-Action Report & Roundtable Discussion at our weekly event:

Sunday Night Live

5:30 - 6:30 pm PT
8:30 - 9:30 pm ET

Dan, Hellen, and Heidi have already accepted the invitations to represent the leadership of your movement, for which we are very grateful. While they will lead the After-Action Report, everyone is welcome to join and participate in the Roundtable afterwards.

Our supporters and volunteers looking forward to collaborating with you, especially to pass Ranked Choice Voting! Find out more about HFM here:

Let’s hash out our differences, put aside our misgivings, and make this event the foundation for a beautiful friendship :heart:

Register here:

Brendon Carpenter
HFM Interim Board


Thank you for the invitation! I will try my best to make it, as friendship is of paramount importance right now.

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