Bay Area Chapter

Hello all! As everyone awaits the results of the election, there have been some surprising results in the local elections in San Francisco which point to a bi (or non) partisan thinking. The vote to create the Sheriff Committee as well as the reduction in minimum number of police both passed.

Seemingly all Left, this does point to an interesting dichotomy: the need for more “freedom” in the marketplace of police offers but removing a different kind of mandatory minimum, as well as creating a potentially overreaching and unnecessary bureaucracy in the Sheriff’s department. There is more to these votes than simply party lines - I people are smarter than they think they are.

Fundamentally, a more sophisticated discussion of commander in chief and improved bi-partisan dialogue is not only keenly aligned with fundamental American ideals but mandatory for the citizenry to embark on.

Sending up the bat signal: do we have Bay Area folks interested in starting a chapter? Happy to oblige in kicking it off.

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