Calling for Long Island and New York Metro Area Members to join us!

Calling all Long Islanders and New York Area Patriots!
We need help in developing a Long Island, New York Chapter. Please join our FaceBook Group. I am looking for a buddy to help get this off the ground.


Hi! Would love to help organize a Long Island chapter but I am Not on Facebook.
How else can we communicate?

I’m in Brooklyn, NY and would be happy to join this once it’s off the ground. Not sure how much I can do right now but am open to considering ways to help. Also, I’m not on Facebook and don’t really want to be on it. I suggest including other platforms, preferably those who don’t track or censor in favor of any political party, movement, company, or special interest, in organizing this even if you still want to also be on Facebook. I’m aware of and as having potential (parler in fact recently made the news for their rapid growth) but I’m sure there are others. Since you’re planning this as a private FB group, mewe would provide even more control and privacy, without all of the creepiness.