Create New Party to Replace Democratic Party

Since a Trump victory looks fairly likely at this point, I’d like to discuss an idea for creating a new Political Party to replace the Democrat Party. Don’t get me wrong I still love Unity 2020 and firmly believe Crenshaw will be President one day, but my problem is after seeing all of the horrid corruption of the Democratic Party this year from embracing socialists like AOC and Bernie Sanders to advocating getting rid of free speech to packing the court, I honestly think it’s time for the Democratic Party to end. Don’t get me wrong, I know the Republican Party has it’s flawed, but from what I’ve seen it seems like the big corporations and War Hawks are slowly losing power over it and it’s being transformed by great individuals like Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, Kimberly Klacik (who tragically lost) and of course Dan Crenshaw and his save Texas crew. The Democratic Party on the other hand is the oldest active political party on earth and was originally founded with the intention of standing up for the common man. When Andrew Jackson founded it, he fought for the common American and ended the national bank allowing local businesses to flourish and there were great men like JFK who held up those ideals and horrid men like Woodrow Wilson and now Biden who on good information has taken money from China and vows to get rid of millions of jobs in the energy sector who do not hold up those ideals. As the results come in for last night’s election and we see big tech do everything to protect Biden, I think it’s becoming more clear that the Democratic party is no longer the party for the common American. So what I’m proposing is the possible creation of a new political party that replaces the Democratic Party and truly represents a proper counter to the conservatives/ Republicans. Of course the people I believe we should recruit for this, would be Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang (assuming he stops sucking up to the Democrats). As I talk about on my podcast here the number 1 thing I want out of four more years of Trump, is a return of Patriotic and rational progressives and I honestly think with Trump winning again showing how corrupt and incompetent the Democrats and mainstream media have become, it may pave the way for creating a new party that replaces the Democrats. Or we just stick with Unity 2020 which I’m fine with too. Thoughts?

Whether Trump wins or not, he has come close enough to give the Dems another scare. This is the time to strike, taking advantage of the close call.

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Well, unless legal challenges are fruitful, which I doubt, we’re in for four years of Biden, or more likely, a number of years with Harris. Yikes. We need a new party very badly, but we need to start addressing the ballot access issue NOW. The Greens or Libertarians will never give us their access. We may not be able to get this done in four years (really three). The time to start is yesterday.


Honestly, if it really is about getting Crenshaw and Gabbard in they could probably run as Republicans and win.

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I don’t think Tulsi would do it, but you have a very good point there. I am dying to know what Tulsi’s plan is. After giving up her House seat, she’s made a career move from the Hawaii National Guard to the U.S. Army Reserve at a command post in Silicon Valley. She has money left in her PAC, she has backing, and she’s smart. No doubt she has a plan. Tulsi Gabbard Is Refocusing Her Military Career In California

The will be fully functional in 2022 and will split the Democratic party. Progressives are 100% anti establishment anti war.

By fully functional, do you mean, having ballot access?

The People’s Party calls itself “progressive populist.” I wish they had left it at “populist” so that they could have embraced more conservatives.

Total ballot access in every state. Nina Turner sure looks like the frontrunner.

Hm. I love Nina, but she’s only going to appeal to progressives, not to neolibs or conservatives. Simply by her association with Bernie, they will brand her a socialist, which, as we have seen, is not very popular these days.

Bernie would have easily beaten Trump this time, without packing the ballot boxes.

I don’t know about that, part of the appeal of Biden was a facade of moderation and return to normal.

Personally I do not think that assessment holds water. I dislike Biden. I am from PA and split my ticket as did a lot of folks in my district. We didn’t vote for him because we wanted moderation, he holds no appeal. We voted for him because we thought the alternative was worse. US Covid casualties now exceed US casualties in the Vietnam war; cases are soaring and the administration isn’t even faking concern anymore. A race this close should tell you everything about Biden’s popularity. We voted to remove a science denier in the middle of a pandemic. We voted to at least try contact tracing. We voted for testing, for masks, for doctors, for science, for sanity. Watching Biden slur his way through the acceptance speech, which I think ended with something to the effect of “god bless our church” was cringe worthy. I’m banking on the hope Biden’s long career means he’ll work with people who remember his halcyon days and treat him with respect. Perhaps even honoring the commitments he may not remember, and a VP relationship like Cheyney and Bush had, figurehead and power player if you will. Biden helped institute the drug laws the public just voted to reject, and Kamala enforced them. They are not going to please nor appease anyone on the right, the left, or the almost non-existent center. They will court the 1% who finance their campaigns and fund their legal battles, they will stay beholden to the same party interests and military industrial complex they always have. They only narrowly beat a one man superspreader who cavalierly ignored experts, mocked masks, held indoor rallies, and endangered not just his supporters, but their friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and the medical community as a whole. Just doing nothing is better than that in my mind. I believe there are a variety of animals who could have won handily sans speech or platform, and possibly even certain plants. Apologies if this came out harsh, just trying to give voice to the concerns and frustrations of extremely reluctant Biden supporters. It would be more accurate to say I voted against Trump than for Biden and I think you’ll find this the case for Lincoln project republicans, independents, disillusioned dems, Antifa, BLM, etc. It was a coalition of the unwilling which has no platform or common goals now that the single issue vote is over.

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Or last time for that matter. Bernie is already an independent, and Trump is barely a republican. I think what is needed is not a replacement of the parties but of the mechanisms by which they maintain control. Talking rank choice voting, proportional instead of first past the post, term limits, campaign finance reform, repeal citizens united etc. Replacing the party without reforming the system it operates in would likely generate the same outcome; meet the new boss, same as the old boss.