DON'T FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT! Focus on what makes Change


Yes your “most important issue” matters to you and many others.
But the more you cling to your "most important issue,
the less you are focusing on what really “Creates Change” in the USA. Money and Power.

If you can’t consciously move your “most important issue” to the #2 rank and focus on Money and Power, then you will lose, I will lose, and the elite will win.

Unfortunately, Money and Power are the only things that create change. That is why you are seeing less of the changes you want every year. You have less of the Money and Power.

If we can unite enough to disconnect the Washington Machine from the Elite Money by ignoring your “Most Important Issue” and focusing on removing Money from the Elites they will lose Power.

It is time to choose: Do you want Change… or your “most important issue”.

Are you strong enough to join us?
Help us fix the system so that we can focus on the issues.

Thank you,

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