Final Presidential Debate

I’d love to hear some general insight from everyone on how the debate went last night. Personally, I feel like Trump destroyed it. He did bad in the first one but great this time around and this may be the thing that gets him elected. But I would love to hear some other perspectives and what other people thought and what really stood out to them.

I’m gonna drop the niceties because that’s about where we’re at and fits the debate. I saw two monkeys flinging their poo back and forth at each other. It was actually pretty intense watching at 1.25X just a few hours ago. There were several times where I caught myself saying, “gotcha” after Trump finished. Never felt the need to say that once with Biden. When Biden did the long touch at the nose after Trump started talking about the Hunter scanal, just wow this guy has so many tells.

My backed out perspective is that families tend to peddle their influence and pad the pockets of their own. I see this far outside of political circles with ordinary individuals working regular jobs. Some people call it mere “networking”. Not that we shouldn’t hold those in public office to a higher standard or that this is OK, but it’s dirty cheap tricks at strategic moments and it shows. Then the more wacky of the allegations sure reeks of Pizzagate 2.0.

Let’s think back to 2016 when Hillary was supposed to be tied to all sorts of bizarre things and she was also epileptic and about to die of Parkinson’s… does this sound familiar with some minor variation? Same cheap tricks, next cycle. The truth is always somewhere in the middle, and then there’s layers and layers of exaggeration and outright lies. We tend to call that packaged up as “propaganda”.

So for myself, I think this is a circus act and we’re all being entertained before the final act plays out in this cycle. Which begins to explain why I was so on board with Unity. I’m sick of the circus and I’m sick of people being played for fools.

What’s going to be interesting is if Trump actually does eek out a victory. Team blue lost their minds after the loss last cycle with a mere 3pts lead. How mental does the nation as a whole go if he wins and the running average for the polls in the 30 days leading up to election day shows more like a 7-8pt lead? What if Biden barely wins? It might get intense pretty soon. Enjoy the calm before the storm, and hope for the best.

One last point. Does it not feel like this is shaping up to be some competing narrative about which frienemy we fear the most? The Russian interference narrative is building steam, and the China Interference narrative has been going strong for the last several months. I see some 3 way love/hate interdependent triangle between the world-class powers right now and people are choosing to narrow down into one reality tunnel over the next.

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