Have Dan Crenshaw and Tulsi Gabbard serve as the Republican Candidates in 2024?

I know the movement was meant to have the rehabilitation of the parties, but after this election, I think these are the facts. 1 with Trump gaining more of the minority vote than any other Republican candidate in the last 60 years indicates this is no longer the party of old white men. 2 I honestly believe the Democratic Party is beyond saving. Between the corporate bought moderates who are slowly losing their power to the radical Leftists who embrace the most irrational ideas, I honestly don’t think the Democrat Party can be saved anymore. That being said Dan Crenshaw is already beloved by the Republicans, and Tulsi is actually extremely popular amongst Republicans as well. I also believe there are a lot of people like us who recognize that these two would make a great duo who would be great for the country and with the direction the Republican Party is going and the direction the Democratic party is going I believe this indicates that a Republican Gabbard Crenshaw ticket is something that is very viable for 2024. Thoughts?