Nancy Pelosi announces 25th amendment plan


Do you support this? Is this anti American?

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The Democrats are currently getting away with many anti-American things. This basically is a way they could get Trump out of the office I believe along with Pence without the impeachment which would make Pelosi President. Biden has also said that Americans don’t “deserve” to know if he is going to pack the supreme court. This of course means they will add seats to the supreme court (which has never happened before) so that it has a progressive majority and if they then take over the senate (which is possible) they will have total control over all three branches of Government. Meaning there will be no balance of powers and we would all be subject to the rule of whatever the Democrats want and the media (who are supposed to be the ones holding our politicians accountable) will continue to cheer them on because you know, America is evil and systemically racist. I know it may sound like an exaggeration and people have said this for elections in the past, but I don’t think we’ve ever had an election with this much at stake. The Democrats have openly embraced things like the 25th amendment plan and packing the court both of which just a decade ago would’ve been considered unheard of and too far and now they’re talking about it openly and many people don’t seem to care. Honestly, we’re looking at some serious damage to the country here if Biden gets elected or if this plans works and Pelosi becomes President.