Pence Vs Harris

Who won this debate? Why?

Can we all agree having these two speak for the parties is much better than the current nominee and president.


Oh ya, this was the REAL presidential debate. No pointless mocking, no biased moderator, and no wasting our time with dumb questions like “will you condemn white supremacy for the 50th time.” It was just about policies and showing Americans what four years of Trump would look like vs four years of Biden/Harris.

Pence demolished her though, it was like watching a chihuahua try and fight a timber wolf. Just watch the Democratic debates (especially between Tulsi) and you can tell Kamala is not a good debater, while Pence is actually a very good debater who is calm under pressure and was able to take control of the room.

She never answered any question asked of her directly, her smiling came off as creepy, and polls indicate undecided voters saw her has condescending. Pence on the other hand while he could’ve been a little better about not interrupting the moderator (keep in mind they spoke for about equal time though overall), I feel like he was the true voice of the Trump campaign. He was rational, polite, and exposed Kamala’s dishonesty with fracking (their current plan will ban fracking), taxes (getting rid of the Trump tax cut will raise it for everyone, not by much for those who don’t make much but it’s still raising taxes nonetheless), and packing the court (which Biden and Kamala have both refused to answer to the point that Biden has now said the American people don’t “deserve” to know his answer).

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The court seems pretty well packed already, with Barret. 7 of the 9 are Catholic’s. How would a Unity party select a impartial/independent judge?

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Just because a person is of a certain religion doesn’t mean they’re going to use their position to push their personal beliefs. True judges are meant to interpret the constitution for what it says not for what they want it to say.

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