Science and Intolerance

There is a Quora question about Bret Weinstein’s criticism of critical race theory. Opinions of others on my response to Veaux’s answer (pictured above), or on my own answer (linked above), would be much appreciated.

I wanted to add that people who found any of those posts interesting might also find interesting the exchange of which the above tweet is a part.

Gill, a scientist, had argued, “I’ve seen calls for my fellow scientists to “stick to science” instead of tweeting about the protests.

Even if it was okay to ignore what our Black colleagues face (it’s not), never forget that science has been a tool for white supremacy for centuries.

Black lives matter!”

The other user had replied that true unadulterated science has no bias — that people are biased rather than science. (My tweet is a response to this.)

This is another post of mine on a modern-day example of science being interpreted badly. (The pictures in the tweet are pictures of my Wikipedia profile.)