Seattle Chapter

Hello all, I am interested in finding people near me to help spread the word locally. I hate organizing but feel strongly enough about this that I am willing to do so. Let’s connect and make change!

----EDIT 9/10/2020----

If you are interested in participating locally in the Seattle area, come join our email group here:


I’m trying to get a job in that area. If I end up moving there I would love to help.

I’m in Bellevue. Would love to grab coffee sometime and talk shop.

@bmarshall603, keep me/us posted if you do!

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@Ryan_S, excellent! Maybe let’s see who else finds this thread and then we can figure out a time & place.

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I’m up in Skagit county, close enough I suppose

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@Memogget, we can try to make it easier for you however we can.

Sounds good, Alex! I’m in. I’m down in the south end but go to Seattle often.

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Hey @wendimod, glad you can join!

Hey all,

So I have given this thread a week and it looks like this is all we have for now. Taking a look through all the other group threads, we may be the largest so let’s show them how it is done :wink:

This platform is great for what it is meant for, but I think something different is in order when it comes to organizing locally. I went a head and created an email group here:!forum/articlesofunityseattle/join

Please let me know if something does not work for you. Also, if you have an idea that is better than email or are hip to what the kids are using these days, I am happy to augment and/or switch. Ideally, in the future I hope to get everyone’s input before making any command decisions.

Please join the email group so we can all start a conversion on next steps, one of which will be some sort of initial meeting.

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I live in Edmonds, been a blue collar worker all my adult life (all 12 ish years so far) i’d love to get more involved.

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Welcome @Gabriel and thanks for joining the email list!

I’m in Edmonds! Joining Google group now.