So unity2020 is suspended

The unity2020 presidential run is officially suspended. How does this make you feel? What can we do to encourage unity still? What should our plans for the future be?


My heart sank, I knew it was a shot in the dark, however, I had been so encouraged for something new. I am a city council member in my town and had several constituents who love the unity 2020 plan. It’s disheartening that the powers that be have a choke hold on everything.


Good question Griffin. I never knew how they ever expected to get a ground swell from Twitter. (42 million users in USA). The candidates never accepted the positions so they can’t speak up and campaign for themselves or debate anyone. You can’t expect the Green and Libertarian parties to allow a free ride on their tickets. Their bases spent a lot of time and money to get on the ballot. They have their own totally different platforms too. I could not sell anyone on Unity2020. People want to see and hear the candidates on TV.
Unity needs to get its own ballot access, just like the Peoples Party plans to do.
I’ll continue to vote Libertarian. I want to see someone stand up to the Military Industrial Complex and stop the never ending wars and the low level war on drugs (Brianna Taylor)


I to had a rough time with the news. This being the only platform I’ve ever found a political home so it was very disheartening to hear the news. I’m currently revising my strategies and planning for congressional elections in 2022. The idea has always been stronger than any one election.


I feel like it was a moonshot that would have been a massive strike to the entrenchment of the duopoly.

It’s not the only shot though. There is a case for a bottom-up approach being nearly as effective as a top-down one. It’s just going to be more incremental.

Consider a Unity Movement that doesn’t counter the duopoly directly in elections, but instead follows the paradigm of the ACLU. Become an independent legal champion for electoral integrity… An entity that prioritizes fair and equitable elections above the outcome produced.

Specifically, we go after the ballot access obstacles, district gerrymandering, and other barriers the duopoly uses to ward off challengers.

Remove their influence from our electoral systems, ensure access for third parties, and open the doors for third party challengers.


I’m not that surprised. Honestly, I think it’s for the best. I feel like we need 4 more years of Trump to keep pushing back against the disintegrationists (the people who want to destroy our country) and to rebuild the economy. Not that Crenshaw and Gabbard couldn’t have done both of those things, but they are young and could use some more experience (especially Crenshaw) and this allows us more time to really build the movement for 2024. Hopefully, by then we’ll be in a place where people will be wanting unity more than just pushing their own agendas.


We didn’t make our goal, but we gained so much insight along the way. I feel like we have a better understanding of what we’re up against only because we started with such an ambitious goal. Unity will continue because our values haven’t changed. Unity is our home. We are humans who know how to stand up when we get knocked down, how to transcend hate, and how to keep each other on the principled path. The best thing we can do right now is focus on defining our message. As far as resistance goes, we haven’t seen anything yet. They tried to extinguish our flame before it was bright enough for anyone to notice. They did us a favor- we are still the dark horse.


I love this response!!

You have to start somewhere. When I saw this lunatic fringe take over the democrat party before my very eyes, coming across the Evergreen story via Benjamin Boyce, and then Mike Nayna, bolstered my sanity. My county’s democratic ballot had a proposition that stated that anybody can “identify” however they chose, without discrimination. I questioned my Senate District Chair on this via email, stating that there are only two bodies, male or female.

The SD chair emailed back insisting that not everyone identified as male or female, and those people should not be discriminated against. When I responded that male and female are not identities one can opt out of or into, but reproductive biological states we are born into, I was told the democratic party does not discriminate, end of story.

My final reply was, then goodbye.

The county republican party on the other hand, had a proposition banning puberty blockers for children. 2018, I was still block-walking, phone-banking and donating to democratic candidates. Now the only groups I donate to are, Save Womens Sports, Womens Liberation Front (WOLF) and our local foodbank.

I either will not vote at all for president, or vote libertarian. Down ballot there are still 3 sane democrats on the ballot, but too many Wokies won primaries here, so I will vote republican in an effort to push this listing ship upright.

Voting is a tactic, not a religion to me.

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I think you’re in a very interesting position since you sit on your city council board!

I’m not sure what your current level of involvement is with the unity movement but I would love to have you aboard our team in any capacity. I’m a hunter s Thompson fan and firm believer that change starts at the local level. You’re in an amazing position to educate your community to all the values of unity. Please message me directly if you’d like to get more involved!

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I am over the attempt in 2020. I want to hear how we are going to successfully collaborate in order to grow this movement. There is only one other time I felt a connection to people across a social media platform. This is not over. We need to plan on how we can sustain momentum without annoying prospective citizens interested in participating in the movement. Sustain the enthusiasm amongst the volunteers and keep moving forward. Let the silliness continue among those with polarizing positions. Let us keep moving forward, in the background until the idea can no longer be cancelled or ignored.

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