South Florida Chapter

Welcome to the Unity2020 South Florida Chapter!

Please take a moment to introduce yourself! Where are you hailing from and what brought you here?

Know anyone else living in South Florida and interested in helping us spread the word about Unity2020? Help them find this group!

The following is our first-priority game plan (based partly on the Articles of Unity - Unity2020 Facebook page):

  1. Send everyone with interest to the Articles of Unity website, and have them sign up for announcements: ArticlesOfUnity(dot)org

  2. Make sure everyone you know sees the 90-sec “Double Safe” video introducing Unity2020 ( ) and this 13-min description of the plan ( )

  3. ‘Like’ the main Articles of Unity Facebook page (if you have a Facebook account), and turn on notifications for that page, to receive regular updates.

  4. Bring the above information to the attention of as many people as possible, as soon as possible.

The more people who commit to this, the more likely it is to become a reality!

Would you take just a moment to introduce yourself and what motivated you to join us here? Just click “Reply” below!