Suspending Unity2020—and launching a movement

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We posted this today in our Slack channel.

Dear Unity Supporters,

If you are receiving this message, it means you are one of tens of thousands of Americans from all walks of life and every corner of the political landscape that see our nation in crisis. What’s more, you see that crisis clearly enough to know that it will not be solved by the election of Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

You have been patriotic, you have set aside your ideology and have been moved to action, joining together to pursue a path forward for the nation. You have offered your time, resources and talents to the cause of Unity, galvanizing a nation torn apart by partisan politics. You have created an organic, self-sustaining movement with more honest collaboration across political divides than our government has seen in decades.

We want to take a moment to recognize the achievement, and to express our gratitude.

Unity2020 was always a longshot. We pursued it to divert the republic from the peril inherent in the 2020 election. But recognition of the danger has grown too slowly—many still see the hazard on one side or the other. Ballots are being printed and some are already in the hands of voters.

When we announced this plan, we promised to avoid playing the role of the spoiler. We said that if the Unity ticket did not have a viable path to the White House, we would suspend Unity2020. Tonight, we are carrying through on that promise. We do this with considerable trepidation, knowing that the danger has not passed but instead has grown as the election nears. Nonetheless, we are confident that this is the wise course.

We want Unity supporters to know what this does and does not mean.
Unity2020 was an initiative of the Unity Movement. The initiative is being suspended so that the movement can focus on its larger purpose – protecting the republic from the politics of division. While we will now refocus our efforts on the longer term, the short term plan remains possible. If catastrophic events were to shock the electorate sufficiently to make Unity 2020 viable, we stand ready to reactivate it. Assuming that does not happen, we urge Unity supporters to vote their conscience.

The danger we are in is the consequence of rampant corruption sanitized by our major parties. For us, the next step is clear. We must support candidates of integrity down the ballot, sound the alarm on the crisis we face, and educate our fellow Americans on the systemic failures that led us here. We must find new ways to free ourselves from the trap of the lesser evil. We must empower those who fight against corruption.

We must do all these things and more because now more than ever, our country needs us.

The United States is not a perfect nation, but it constitutes a quantum human leap in the right direction. The Unity movement is composed of people who understand the value the United States has brought to the world, and the obligation we have to defend it. The movement must grow, and it will.

We look forward to collaborating with you to steer our nation out of these dangerous waters.

In hope, solidarity and service,

Team Unity


I’m sad and disappointed but this is the honorable thing to do. However, I refuse to vote for either of the bad choices given to us, which feels like being manipulated at gunpoint. Will it really nudge Trump back into the White House if we vote for the Green Party or another 3rd party? I’m afraid another Trump presidency will spark riots and violence, an immediate threat on top of the mismanagement of the pandemic, but a Biden presidency will open the door to a seriously dangerous successor later on. How can I help?


We’ll be voting Libertarian party again. They need 5% to get funding next year. The DNC is fighting to get the Green Party off the ballot. Claiming they are a spoiler. In their minds everything and anything is a spoiler to the duopoly.

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I saw this posted somewhere on this past anniversary of 9/11. I thought it appropriate…

"9/11 is a day we learned so many lessons as a nation. What was meant to divide, brought us closer…at least for a time.
The ability for some to dehumanize others is what led to this attack. Ideology over humanity. Hate over love.

We’ve reached a point in our country where ideology is once again being put before humanity. We scream at our fellow Americans as if they’re players for an opposing team. Politicians on both sides thrive on this division. It makes us easier to control while giving them an excuse to grab more power. Washington can’t fix this problem…it’s up to us. Let us break out of our echo chamber.

There are so many good, well meaning people on both sides of the political spectrum. Stop letting the media and our politicians tell us how the other “side” feels. Instead have a direct, open minded conversation with those who may think or vote differently than you. These are your fellow Americans, not enemies to be conquered.

The morning of 9/11 should be a reminder of what happens when we choose to dehumanize others. The afternoon of 9/11 should be a reminder of the unity, healing and common humanity that can once again be found."


Im upset. But I’m also a little relieved; you can call that cowardice if you want, because it probably is. I never found a soul who took this seriously: we needed more time.

I, personally, will be writing in, “fuck you,” for president when I cast my ballot.

I believe we can do this in 2024.


I’m disappointed because I do think Unity is the best vision I’ve seen for our country, but I do think we’ll be able to gain more momentum now that we don’t have the lofty goal of pursuing the presidency which intimidated a lot of people from getting on board. If we “play our cards right” from here, people should have no excuse not to support the movement!

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I think it was a good idea. I loved the two who were drafted; they were my first choice. There was just not enough time to bring this together properly. I believe it is a good idea, but in order to be taken seriously in a national election, we need more time to build up the platform. I would get behind it again for the 2024 election.


I didnt see us having a chance at the presidency this year. This movement was launched way too late in the game, but now was a good time to build up early support when you have two candidates that are wholly unlike by the majority of americans. Going forward I’d like to see this movement focus on all levels of Gov’t and truly be a 3rd party for congress and even local governments. The president is a single cog in the machine that needs to be replaced with well meaning patriots.

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The Libertarians are fighting to get the Green Party off the ballot? That makes no sense.

I think the Unity model would work for the offices of Governor & Lieutenant Governor on the state level. You could still have a Unity ticket and they would switch offices when they run for re-election. Running candidates for offices for Congress, State Legislators, School Boards, and other state and local offices is more problematic b/c you can’t have both a conservative and a liberal running for the same office, which is essentially what we have with the executive branch on the Federal & state levels. What we COULD do, though, is to recruit candidates that will pledge things like not running misleading campaign ads against their opponents, not taking PAC money or money from corporations, or whatever other criteria we would like to see in candidates. I’m on the Left, but I would happily vote for a country-before-party Republican who respects Americans with different political views, who makes decisions based on science, and who makes caring for nature (our life-support system) a priority before I would vote for any of these “woke” “progressive” candidates who are actually supporting a regressive ideology that is setting back race relations decades, women’s hard-won rights by more than a century, and the gains made by LGB people by decades while cowardly supporting those who are destroying the country! (Edited to correct a typo.)

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I edited that post. The DNC in PA,WI,MT and TX want the Geen Party removed.

I am not sure how this would work as a movement (and I don’t believe it would work as a party, either). I viewed it as a stop-gap solution, that was it put in place successfully in 2020, would have given us a real chance at slowing the decline. Beyond that, I don’t believe you can take people that have already signed their deals with the devils, put them together, and have any hope of improvement long term. I’m not sure how (or if) we ever bridge the growing divide, but I’m pretty sure until we can all get beyond seeing every single argument as a “Like” or “Dislike” we will continue to head rapidly towards the bottom of this rabbit hole.