UN1TY Platform Proposal

2. Hazard Pay for Essential Workers
3. Stimulus Package to Rescue and Protect Small Businesses

Target Demographic: WORKING CLASS

  • Teachers, Doctors, Truckers, Delivery Drivers, etc
  • RETAIL WORKERS: Get the support of Walmart, Amazon and grocery store employees

Theses are just a few of the countless examples I could give. Basically, working class is anyone that isn’t making billions during a pandemic. So… everyone.

To Win Progressives:
Have Tulsi do what she does best and address the public with her plan for a single-payer healthcare option. I quite liked her version, as it was based off of the Australian model. It’s not exactly what the left is looking for, but its certainly better than anything the duopoly is offering.

To Win Center/Right:
Do they have Spotify yet?

How do you “End COVID-19”??

  1. Overhaul the FDA and repeal the ban on Hydroxychloroquine
  2. Import and domestically produce proven treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, as well as masks and other PPE
  3. Distribute Vitamin D, Vitamin C and take-at-home tests to every household in America for as long as needed

To anyone that still believes anything the mainstream media says, my condolences. Here’s some links talking about hydroxychloroquine. I would post more, but I am limited by my user status. I would recommend scanning the description section of the youtube video. He lists all of his sources and is extrememly thorough. For those that are anti-google (good luck, this site runs on their scripts), I’ve posted a link for an Invidious instance I’ve found to work quite well.

Hydroxychloroquine lowers COVID-19 death rate, Henry Ford Health study finds

Hydroxychloroquine, Evidence of Efficacy


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It’s maddening how politicized HCQ has become. I’m hoping that even most of those with open minds not in the “center/right” would agree. We need actual evidence-based medicine.

As for: Distribute Vitamin D, Vitamin C and take-at-home tests to every household in America for as long as needed.

Yes! Not only are we not distributing some of the best (and proven) immune boosters out there, hardly anyone in public health is even talking about this. Like HCQ, simple, effective… and cheaper than a vaccine and patented pharma. Oh, wait… I just figured out why the silence. :wink:

Edited to add: ongoing, unbiased info about COVID (and monetary policy, to boot!) for anyone interested:

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I think the point of Unity is that there is no Platform. No policy Demands. Part of the beauty of this arrangement is the ability to push the responsibility for Platforms and Agenda back to Congress. P & VP should commit to working together to advance bipartisan legislation over Partisan wins. As soon as you start tacking on a list of demands, you provide ammunition to undermine the campaign.
Unity shouldn’t be about getting certain left policies or right policies passed. It’s about changing the nature of governing from winning your agenda for your party, to passing what we agree on and tabling/debating what we don’t.

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I’m sorry Ryan, I disagree. If Unity is to make so much as a dent in this 2020 election–just 60 days away, 20 from mail-in voting–we have to give people a reason to take notice and tick that box. Tulsi and Dan alone aren’t going to bring people in. Most of the people aware of Dan are already voting Trump, and the same is probably true for Tulsi. The few progressive followers that still care what she has to say after endorsing Joe Biden are probably voting Green. Lest we not forget, there ARE other third party options. Green and Libertarian will be on most ballots. If we’re to have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting double digits in this election, we have to appeal to everyone.

Luckily, this election cycle allows us to do that more than ever with the ongoing pandemic. That, the economy, and getting back to ‘normal’ is the only issue Americans should be concerned with. I say that because if they’re not, they’re probably profiting off of it, and laughing as they sit on their private stock pile of Plaquenil and other prophylactics. Trump got stuck in the swamp and Biden IS the swamp. pause. If someone isn’t voting, that’s probably why. People are ready to vote for a Pikachu doll and an old rusty nail if it means they’ll have healthcare and a job to look forward to.

@Rap Unity is not a platform. Our entire strategy for achieving ballot access is to co-opt an existing 3rd party with a minor tinge of voting reform to help dismantle the two party duopoly. If Unity adopts a platform it becomes its own party. That’s not the end game. The end game is to disrupt the status quo and show Americans that they still a voice and that America still has a pulse.

You need to help walk people back from the concept of always feeling like they need to vote a platform into office. That kind of thinking is what breeds our political climate of today. Unity is a vote of faith that strong, courageous, and capable team of patriots will act with all American’s best interests at heart. And that they will surround themselves with the right policymakers.

I’m not suggesting that this is easy. It’s definitely different from how I was schooled to be an informed voter on all the issues my candidate stands for. However, I’ve come to realize that leadership, courage, and a heart are far more important qualities of, well, a leader, than the box they happen to be standing on top of.


If you still need something more substantial, might I suggest that Unity is a government reform ticket. It’s not about how we stand on the issues. It’s about a realization that we’re incapable of effectively addressing any of them in our current state. @Rap do you have any ideas what a legal reform “meta platform” would look like? Think, issues that address the government not strictly the people. As I mentioned, ranked choice ballot reform is something Unity is interested in. So, think about things that prevent us from falling into this mess again in the future. I can’t think of traditional policy points that really capture what Unity is about.

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Something I, personally, am extremely interested in would be a rework of the notion of a corporation and the legal corporate charter to include incentives that balance economic growth of individual institutions against the wealth of American citizens. Some mechanism by which we can ensure that wealth doesn’t stockpile indefinitely while and inadvertently lead to the capture of our political system. I have no substantial ideas here other than the old notion of a global standing wealth tax and this is just me speaking entirely off the cuff on a personal level. I don’t know if corporate reform is practical for 2020 or even for Unity.

I think an actual platform is a great thought exercise. Tulsi has one on her website, maybe that’s a good starting point.

Hate the idea of a wealth tax btw.

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