What are some strange reasons you’ve been told why you need to vote a certain way this year?

I’m sure there are plenty of good reasons people have decided to vote a certain way this year. However, a number of people have told me these past months who I “must” vote for and why, and I sometimes find their reasoning bizarre:

I’ve been told by someone I need to vote for Trump because they’ve been praying to the Holy Spirit who has indicated Trump is the leader we must have for our country at this time. Trump is God’s choice and a gift for us, and God is using Trump as a vessel to bless us so we must vote for Trump.

In expressing reservations about voting for Biden, I’ve been told a vote for Biden is really a vote to elect Harris for president. What!? How could someone acknowledge this or accept it without feeling completely insulted by the Democratic Party!?

Are there any strange reasons you’ve been told you need to vote one way or another?


The craziest thing I’ve heard is “you need to vote for Biden or you’re a racist” or “you need to vote for Biden otherwise we’ll have to keep burning sh** down.”

Seems like fear mongering and shame tactics are the
new political norm for dems. Smells awfully a lot like late 30s Germany…

I hear crazy things on trumps side as well but nothing that threatens my safety.


It seems to be always about the SCOTUS. Control the court to pass/support your agenda. To many issues have no compromise. Right to live or right to die, gay marriage, pro life or pro choice etc. etc.
It’s not supposed to matter that both sides of this duopoly are complete garbage.

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My wife and in-laws believe I need to vote for Trump because he stands for Christian values. I just tell them that’s false. He stands for the values of his base, which is not the same.

While I lean conservative and yes, am also a devout Christian, I believe that character matters and I can’t bring myself to vote for the guy on that alone. It’s not wasting my vote to withhold my vote from one of the two options. It’s refusing to associate my name with someone whose character I can’t agree with on hardly any level.