What Happens After 2020?

Is the Unity movement going to focus exclusively on recruiting a 2024 presidential ticket? Is the Unity movement going to move from online discussions to organizing on the local level? Is there already a southwest organization?

Speaking for myself, I will be fully in support of pushing towards as wide and deep a set of initiatives as I see suggested in the volunteer workforce. Local elections, presidential elections, election reform, general support for third parties and alternative voting strategies, methods for improving public dialog and reducing polarization. All of it.

I have seen budding discussions within Unity going all of these directions and I am very optimistic about it. We’re not going anywhere (aside from forward and up).

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Is there a Southwest chapter?

Exactly! If we know anything, we know that a Pres/VP ticket would be useless if we dont have a congress in place to compliment an executive branch that we draft. We need to be thinking about open seats coming up for the 118th congress. An impact in the election that decides the 118th congress will give this movement the momentum it needs to have a successful impact in the 2024 presidential race!