What Is Unity2020?

Hi, everyone. After the Unity movement to draft Gabbard/Crenshaw was suspended, I had canceled my related accounts (including this account and my Twitter) and left the movement to take a break and focus on my life. However, I recently discovered that Unity is still going. While this is great, and I’m very happy that all the hard workers and noble patriots that formed the movement are still working to save our country, I’m a bit confused about what the movement is trying to accomplish. Now that the draft part of the movement is canceled, I’m curious what specifically the goal of Unity 2020 is. If anybody could spare a minute to fill me in, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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I’m speaking my own thoughts here. While it’s unlikely much of anything could come out of U2020 at this point, Bret made it clear that the organization will remain essentially on standby in case something unprecedented came about in the coming months. Most people seem to be getting their lives in order how they see fit, and some of us are also toying with ideas for how to move Unity beyond this election cycle and into longer-term strategic plays.

I’m not personally in talks with too many others on that last front, though do have my own ideas which will take a long while to realize, and I can’t even start to put in the efforts until my own bare necessities are set straight for 2021. That’s what I’ve got to offer. Not any details like you might have expected. Perhaps someone else can better inform us.

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I can tell you what I am doing.

I am still spreading the idea, the idea is valid. We learned a lot of 2020, and after the election we should focus on getting an independent ballot access in 2024.

We do not need to become a party, in fact becoming a party would be in detriment of our movement. We are patriots who want to work together. We need to set the stage and prepare to get independent ballot access in 2024, it is possible, if we are organized.

Stay tuned!